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Sandpits for Kids | Explore the World of Imagination

Just For Kids' Award-winning Wooden Folding Bench Sandpits have become a regular feature in household gardens, schools, playgrounds, and nurseries. They are a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play, sensory exploration, and fine motor skills development. By digging, building, and creating in the sand, children can express their creativity while improving their physical and cognitive abilities.

Discover the Perfect Sandpits for Your Little Explorer

The unique feature of a closing, folding lid ensures that most unwanted garden materials and pets are kept out of the precious playing area. Simply fold the lid upwards to form the bench and when done playing, fold forward to create the protective lid.

Made from treated wood and guaranteed to last many years, the Just For Kids Folding Bench sandpit is designed to withstand all outdoor conditions and has a strong 14-year resilience against wood rot and termites. Choose from the 4 seater or 8 seater in a variety of finished options. All paint and varnish is water-based and non-toxic.

NOTE: The Just For Kids Wooden Folding Bench Sandpit is not designed to be watertight, as drainage and ventilation are vital for a clean healthy playing environment. For extra protection ensuring the sandpit remains clean, opt for the Just For Kids PVC Rain Cover which keeps the playing environment clean and dry in heavy rain conditions. The Just For Kids 4 Seater Wooden Folding Bench Sandpit requires approx 120kgs washed playpen sand and the 8 seater requires approx 240kgs.

15% OFF Black Friday Special - Coupon: BF2023
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