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Just for Kids Folding Bench Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit

  • Light weight
  • Timber treated against weather & insects
  • Weed guard base for drainage
  • Galvanised hinges
  • Ventilation gap
  • Seats 4 children
  • Award winning
  • Supplied in easy-to-assemble kit form
  • Protective PVC Rain Cover optional extra
  • Outdoor waterbased paint
Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.2m Sand required 120kgs


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Just for Kids Folding Bench Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit

Transform your garden into a paradise of fun with the Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit from Just for Kids, the leading manufacturer of children's outdoor play equipment. Our award-winning design not only provides endless hours of play but also smartly folds into a bench, ensuring a clean and safe play environment for your little ones.

Product Features

  • Innovative Folding Bench Design: The sandpit easily converts into benches, offering comfortable seating for up to four children and a protective cover when not in use.
  • Durability and Safety: Made with treated timber, our sandpit stands up against weather and insects, ensuring a long-lasting and safe play area.
  • Efficient Drainage System: Equipped with a weed guard base, it allows water to drain out, preventing bacteria and keeping the sand dry.
  • Easy Assembly: Delivered in kit form, the sandpit comes with clear, simple instructions for quick setup.
  • Award-Winning Quality: Our unique design has set the standard for outdoor children's play equipment, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Child-Friendly: Treated with outdoor water-based paint, it's safe for kids and the environment.
  • Optional PVC Rain Cover: Protect the sandpit from rain, ensuring play can resume even after bad weather.
  • Specifications: Measuring 1.2m x 1.2m, the sandpit requires 120kg of sand, providing ample space for creative play.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Founded in 2008 by Shaine and Sarah McAlister, Just for Kids emerged from a desire to provide high-quality, innovative play equipment for children. The Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit was the first of its kind, designed to meet the needs of families seeking durable, engaging, and safe outdoor play options. This product not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also serves as a testament to our pioneering spirit in the realm of children's play equipment.

Why Choose the Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit?

Our sandpit is not just a toy; it's an investment in your children's happiness and development. The benefits of outdoor play are numerous, from fostering creativity and imagination to encouraging physical activity. The Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit by Just for Kids is designed to provide a secure, versatile, and enjoyable play space that meets the needs of modern families. Its robust construction, combined with the thoughtful inclusion of a drainage ground sheet, sets it apart from other options on the market.

Ensuring a Healthy Play Environment

We understand that the safety and health of your children are paramount. That's why our sandpit is designed with an open base and a specialized ground sheet for optimal drainage. This feature is crucial in preventing the accumulation of stagnant water, which can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi. By prioritizing drainage, we ensure that your children can enjoy a clean and healthy play environment.

Easy to Assemble and Maintain

We know that your time is valuable. Our Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit is designed for ease of assembly, with clear instructions that make setup a breeze. Maintenance is just as simple, thanks to the fold-down benches that protect the sand from debris and pets. And with the option of adding a PVC rain cover, you can easily keep the sand dry during rainy days, ensuring that playtime is never too far away.

Transform Your Garden Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your children the gift of imaginative outdoor play. The Blue and White 4 Seater Sandpit is more than just a play area; it's a space where memories are made, and creativity blossoms. Order yours today and watch as your garden becomes a hub of laughter, play, and joy.

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Note: Sand and toys are not included with the sandpit. Please see our recommendations for compatible accessories to enhance your sandpit experience.