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Just For Kids Multi Colour Picnic Table - Junior 6 Seater

  • Sturdy design
  • Timber treated against weather & insects
  • Seats 6 children
  • Supplied in easy-to-assemble kit form
  • Outdoor Water-based paint
  • Suitable for ages up to approx 8 years
Dimensions: 1.2m long x 1m wide


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Welcome to the world of outdoor fun with the Just For Kids Multi Colour Picnic Table - Junior 6 Seater. This picnic table is not just a piece of furniture; it's a gateway to creating joyful memories for your little ones. With its vibrant colours and sturdy design, it's the perfect addition to any garden, park, or outdoor area.

Product Features

  • Vibrant Multi-Colour Design: Bright and attractive, perfect for stimulating children's imaginations.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigours of playful children.
  • Weather & Insect Resistant Timber: Ensures longevity and durability.
  • Comfortable Seating for 6: Ideal for children's parties, outdoor dining, and playdates.
  • Easy Assembly: Comes in a kit form with simple instructions for hassle-free setup.
  • Child-Friendly Paint: Safe, water-based paint that's suitable for all weathers.
  • Perfect Size for Kids: With dimensions of 1.2m long x 1m wide, it's tailored for children up to approximately 8 years old.

Detailed Description

Why Choose the Just For Kids Multi Colour Picnic Table?

Safety and Durability

When it comes to children's furniture, safety and durability are paramount. Our Multi Colour Picnic Table is crafted from high-quality timber treated against weather and insects, ensuring it remains a safe and sturdy place for your kids to enjoy their outdoor activities.

Vibrant and Fun

The table's multi colour design is not only visually appealing but also aids in the cognitive development of children. The bright colours stimulate their senses and can be a great tool for learning and creativity.

Social Interaction and Play

With seating for up to six children, this picnic table is perfect for fostering social skills. It's an excellent spot for children to enjoy meals, engage in arts and crafts, or simply chat and play with friends.

Additional Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly: The use of outdoor water-based paint makes this table an eco-friendly option for conscious parents.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The table's size is perfect for small to medium-sized gardens, allowing enough room for other play activities.
  • Versatile Use: Not limited to picnics, it can be used for various outdoor activities, including painting, reading, and even as a mini classroom for outdoor learning.

User Experience

Assembly and Maintenance

The Multi colur picnic table comes in an easy-to-assemble kit form. It includes a set of simple, easy-to-follow diagrams, making the assembly process a fun and engaging DIY project for parents. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only periodic cleaning and checks to ensure its integrity.

Suitable for Various Occasions

Whether it's a sunny afternoon picnic, a birthday party, or an outdoor classroom setting, the Just For Kids Multi Colour Picnic Table adapts to your needs, providing a functional and joyful environment for your children.

The Just For Kids Multi Colour Picnic Table - Junior 6 Seater is more than just a table; it's an investment in your child's outdoor fun and learning. Its durable design, vibrant colours, and kid-friendly features make it an ideal choice for parents looking for a safe, engaging, and versatile outdoor furniture option for their children.

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