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Just For Kids Lime and Grey Kiddies Wheelbarrow - Size 80cm x 35cm

  • Sturdy design
  • Timber treated against weather & insects
  • Supplied in easy-to-assemble kit form
  • Suitable for ages up to approx 8 years
  • Available in various colour options
Dimensions: 80cm long by 35cm wide


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Just for Kids Lime and Grey Kiddies Wheelbarrow, the ultimate garden companion for your little ones!

This lime and grey kiddies wheelbarrow is not just a toy; it's a functional, sturdy tool designed specifically for children. Now, they can join in on the gardening fun, helping carry the load, and learning about the joys of outdoor work. Perfect for children up to approximately 8 years, this wheelbarrow is both an educational tool and a source of endless fun.

Educational and Fun

Not only is the lime and grey kiddies wheelbarrow fun, but it's also educational. Children learn about responsibility, the environment, and the basics of gardening. This hands-on approach to learning is invaluable for their development.

Quality and Safety

Safety is paramount, and that's why the Just for Kids Kiddies Wheelbarrow is made with high-quality materials. The lime and grey kiddies wheelbarrow not only adds beauty but also ensures the wheelbarrow is smooth and safe for little hands.

Product Features

  • Sturdy Design: Crafted for durability, this lime and grey kiddies wheelbarrow can withstand the playful energy of children.
  • Weather & Insect Resistant Timber: Treated timber ensures longevity and protection against the elements and insects.
  • Easy-to-Assemble Kit Form: Delivered in a kit form, it's easy and fun to assemble with your child.
  • Perfect Size for Young Gardeners: With dimensions of 80cm long by 35cm wide, it’s the ideal size for little hands

Detailed Product Description

  • Make Gardening a Family Affair
  • Gardening is a wonderful way for families to bond, and with the lime and grey kiddies wheelbarrow, your child can actively participate. They'll love being a part of the action, whether they're helping to carry soil, leaves, or their favorite garden tools.

Dimensions: 80cm long by 35cm wide

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